We’re going Ga-Ga for Greyhounds!

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for dog adoptions and in particular we’ve had a massive jump in the adoption of one particular breed…..the ex-racing Greyhound.

Over the past six months we’ve been working closely with owners and other rescues to help get their retired racing Greyhounds into loving homes and the response from the public has been amazing. We’ve found historically that people can be a little slow to see the benefits of rehoming a Greyhound, believing them to be un-interested in people, aggressive or requiring too much exercise. Often we would find them waiting much longer to find their new home than their kennel buddies of other breeds.

In truth the myths surrounding them couldn’t be further from the truth. They are naturally very calm and loving dogs with a huge amount of affection in them. They adore being around people and love nothing more than a good lean on us for a bum scratch! It’s true they have a high prey drive, hence the need to wear a muzzle out and about, but they are far from aggressive and are totally used to wearing the muzzle. They generally get on brilliantly with other dogs and enjoy sharing their home with other doggy companions. They are also the worlds laziest dogs! They enjoy a 2-minute bust of ‘zoomies’ but generally prefer a nice walk and then spend the rest of the day snuggled on the sofa with you. Or in their bed with their legs up in the air. Any Greyhound owner will recognise the classic sleeping pose of this amazing breed!

Since March this year we’ve managed to rehome almost 30 ex-racers to families who absolutely adore them. We’ve had regular updates from many adopters who tell us that they wouldn’t be without them now and are so happy they made them part of their lives.

We spent a little time this week with our current resident long legs and enjoyed a group walk. You can see from the video what beautiful, calm and friendly dogs they are.

If you’d like to welcome a loyal and loving Greyhound into your home, then you can check out current availability on our rehoming page here: