Sniffing out new horizons

Mervin out and about

We’re spending time looking at canine enrichment at the moment and another easy way of adding some variety to your dog’s life is by mixing up their daily walking routes.

At the centre we always plan a mixed itinerary of activities for each and every dog to ensure they don’t get stuck in a loop of doing the same things over and over again.

This could be by spending their morning session doing some training indoors followed by a lunchtime walk and then perhaps an off-lead agility session in the afternoon.

The following day may then start with a nice long walk, a lunchtime puzzle feeder and then a little potter in the afternoon. The mixture of environments, sights and smells keeps their attention and really stimulates their natural foraging and searching instincts.

This can easily be achieved in the home. If you tend to take your dog on the same walking route each day due to being limited on where to go, try doing the route the other way round or trying a different side of the road to give your dog some new places to sniff around. If your area has a variety of routes available then consider using a different route each day.

In order to offer additional enrichment to our dogs our Canine Carers often take them off-site for extended walks. This week we joined Mervin on a lovely woodland walk where he really got to explore and have a good sniff around! You can see in the video how much he enjoyed himself.

Mervin is a typical terrier who is always on the go and his breed traits mean he loves to search and sniff all the time! He’s looking for a new home with owners who will keep him active and he will repay them with lots of love and loyalty.

Find out more about Mervin on his profile here. If you’d like to know more about canine enrichment then check out our previous blog.