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The latest news on our lovely litter of puppies.

Pups lying over each other

It’s been a little while since we last blogged so we thought we’d kick of the new decade with an update on our litter of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross puppies who were born here in November.

There has been loads going on over that last few weeks and the pups have been developing beautifully.

They’re now 8 weeks old and have each started to show their own little personalities. From little Selena who seems to climb up on your knee for a cuddle as soon as she sees you, to bubbly Spencer who never stops living his best life by bouncing around their kennel like a bull in a china shop!

Mother dog being kept company Following the sad death of little Sabrina we rallied together to make sure that Mummy Sophie was getting plenty of extra love and attention.

She is a very affectionate girl and loves human company and we noticed she seemed a little sad and most likely missing human interaction.

We started taking her for extra little walks and giving her off lead time in our enclosed field, and even had staff members spending their lunch breaks having snuggles with her! Very quickly she was back to her old self with her nonstop waggy tail.

Sophie receiving pats At 4 weeks old the puppies received their first vaccinations. This is a very important stage for them as without correct vaccinations they would be vulnerable to many serious health problems. All ten handled the jabs brilliantly and their Mummy was close by keeping an eye on everything.

Sophie continued to feed her pups herself which began to take it’s toll on her. We started to introduce puppy weaning food to the puppies and they very quickly took to it so are now all feeding from bowls.

Sophie sitting in front of her pups Once the puppies were happily eating weaning food, it was time to say our farewells to Sophie. She had been the most incredible mother but the time had come when she needed to leave and start her new life in her forever home.

She left the puppy suite one chilly afternoon between Christmas and New year and hasn’t looked back since! Her owners have reported that she’s settled in really well and immediately claimed her place on the sofa!

Since Sophie left our Canine Carers have been working incredibly hard with the pups and have now started preparing them for life outside the rehoming centre.

They have been introducing them to different sounds, smells and textures like carpet, astroturf and blankets with different scents on them. CDs of various household noise have been getting played in the background to familiarise them with noises such as hoovers, phone noises and door bells. This will really help their transition into a home environment and help them settle.          

Sophies puppies playing