Morrison’s amazing muzzle training!

This week we’ve been spending some time with Morrison, a 10-year-old Lurcher.

Morrison wearing his muzzle

We know there are still many people who would feel negatively about seeing a dog wearing a muzzle out and about.

This is most probably an assumption that the dog must be aggressive to people, which for most dogs will not be the case.

Often a dog who wears a muzzle when out and about could be wearing it to stop them eating things they shouldn’t, or they could be worried and vocal around other dogs and it is there as a precaution.

In Morrison’s case he needs to wear his muzzle due to his very high prey drive, which is common in lurchers. He is also very worried by other dogs, so walking him in quiet areas where he is less likely to encounter one is sensible.

His handler has been working with him so that he feels happy when wearing his muzzle.

You can see from the video how she started off by simply rewarding him every time he put his nose in the muzzle. This makes the experience a positive one for him because he loves his treats!

She then gradually extended the length of time he should keep his nose in, again rewarding him every time.

By taking things slowly and making the whole experience a positive one for Morrison he now happily places his nose in the muzzle and waits for her to fasten it.

He simply sees it as part of his lead and harness and he knows that when these items come out it means walkies! When he’s out and about it doesn’t hinder him at all and he can sniff around and explore the same as any other dog.

We think Morrison is amazing and he will be an asset to any home. He just needs adult owners who will give him the chance he needs.

Find out more about Morrison on his profile, or contact Dogs Trust Leeds on 0113 281 4920