Mighty Mervin!

Mervin, a terrier

This week we’ve been getting to know one of our Terrier residents a little better.

Mervin is a 6 year old Terrier Cross and he’s been with us for a little while now after being found as a stray.

He is clearly a very handsome boy, but we’ve found that he’s also one of the smartest dogs here in the Leeds rehoming centre. He absolutely loves his training sessions and has made amazing progress since he arrived.

His favourite activities are food games. These are brilliant for a dog like Mervin because they keep him using his brain and he has to think about how to get his treats.

If you assist him it really helps him bond with you too. He can entertain himself with these for ages and he’s mastering lots of different games.

His personality is absolutely typical of a Terrier! He’s full of cheeky character and had us in stitches when he was bouncing around one of our play compounds.

One thing to be aware of with little Mervin is that he is quite an independent chap. He knows his own mind and likes to do what HE likes to do!

If you get on board and learn to enjoy the things he enjoys then you’ll soon have a firm friend for life. Once he has bonded with you he likes a good bum scratch and plenty of wriggly snuggles on the sofa.

Take a look at the video and you can see for yourself what an amazing addition he’ll make to the right home:

Find out more about Mervin on his profile page or contact Dogs Trust Leeds on 0113 281 4920.