It’s a Brother Sister thing!

Meet our super Shar Pei siblings.

We’ve been getting to know a special pair of dogs this week.

Sasha and Nelson are both 8 years old and arrived together after being found as strays. Clearly their family bond is strong because they stuck with each other. Now they’re with us they share a kennel and like to do everything together.

While we’ve been getting to know them we’ve found them both to have quite different personalities. Nelson is super confident and loves bouncing around our play compounds! He’s a little shy at first but very quickly he comes round and then enjoys s good play with you. Sasha is much more of a wallflower. She is very sweet but lacks confidence and tends to keep her distance and do her own thing. When she’s with her brother Nelson she feels much happier and will follow wherever he leads. She does come round in time but needs a very slow hands-off approach for a while until she trusts you.

Watching them together is great fun! Nelson will eventually convince Sasha to have a play and then they’re off! Bouncing around loving life!

You can see from the video below what little characters they are.

They are both doing really well with their training and learning more and more each day.

We’d really like to find them a super special home where they can stay together since they clearly love each other so much.

So if you have a space in your life that could be filled by two bubbly Shar Pei then contact the Leeds rehoming centre on 01132814920.

You can find out more about them on their profile page here