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Sniffing out a new home

Koda shows off his sniffer dog skills!

Koda at Dogs Trust Leeds

This week we were treated to training session with Koda, a two-year-old American Bulldog crossbreed who is currently looking for his forever home.

His handler at Dogs Trust Leeds, James, noticed very early in his stay that Koda has an exceptional sense of smell and really enjoys following scent trails. Doing this kind of work with dogs who enjoy it is fantastic as it exercises all of their senses at the same time by having to use their brains as well as their body.

Over time James has worked closely with Koda and as you can see in the video he can now search and find specific items hidden in random places. Once he finds something he will signal to James by sitting in front of the area where the hidden item is. In the video he used tiny rubber toys hidden in stacks of chairs. You will notice that James guides Koda through the game to help keep him focussed.

James says:

“Scent work with dogs can be very rewarding, and with a dog like Koda who likes to be kept mentally stimulated it’s a perfect activity to cement the relationship between us, or with a potential owner. By guiding him through the area he knows we’re working together and he’ll be rewarded when he finds each hidden item. I’m really proud of how well he’s developed his search skills and when he eventually finds his forever home his owners can easily continue this activity to help him settle in.”

If you might be the Special Someone that Koda is looking for then find out more about him on his profile page.