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We catch up with Mrs Claus and her eight beautiful puppies.

Mrs Claus and pups with Puppy Rearer Charlotte

You might remember Mrs Claus.

She is a lovely Lurcher who arrived at the Leeds Rehoming Centre before Christmas, heavily pregnant and in need of somewhere to stay. She gave birth to eight gorgeous puppies right here at the centre only days before Christmas Day itself.

Well, we’ve been to visit the new family today in our puppy rearing block to see how they’re getting on.

As you can see in the video, Mrs Claus is a superb Mum and has taken to motherhood like a duck to water!


We spoke with Puppy Rearer Charlotte who tells us:

 “Mrs Claus is doing so well with her family. She is so patient with them and treats each one with real care and tenderness. She absolutely dotes on them and keeps them very clean. Even with eight little mouths constantly wanting to be fed, she just seems to be so calm and relaxed.

As for the little ones, they’re blossoming. They all have hearty appetites and we’ve just started to give them some solid food which they’re wolfing down! They’re all starting to show their different characters now which is lovely to see.”

It was a real treat to get to spend time with them today and we hope you enjoy our little ‘Pupdate’!