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Out and about with Jasper

We join our lovely Collie boy for an off-site walk.

Jasper the Border Collie at Dogs Trust Leeds

This week we’ve been out for a lovely off-site walk with Jasper and his favourite handlers Tom and Becca.

Jasper is an 11 year old Collie who has been with us at Dogs Trust Leeds for a little while now. He is ever such a sweet natured boy, but he is very noise sensitive and too much hustle and bustle can worry him. This is something his handlers are working with him on and he’s making great progress, but he is at his happiest when he’s out and about exploring in quiet countryside locations.

With this in mind his handlers like to take him off site as often as they can. Even coming in on their days off to give him some extra time out of his kennel.

As you can see from the little video he really loves being around his handlers and is really enjoying exploring the countryside. He even shows off his tricks!

Jasper is hoping to find his forever home soon with owners who will continue to work slowly with him and give him time and space to grow in confidence.


If you think you might be the Special Someone who can offer him that, please contact Dogs Trust Leeds on 01132814920. 

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