Jasper’s Christmas Treat!

Jasper with a Christmas tree and a Canine Carer

This week one of our lovely Lurchers, Jasper, has been given an extra special treat. His favourite handler Meg took him home with her for the day so he could have a little break from kennel life.

She tells us:

“Poor Jasper seems to keep being overlooked and I don’t know why. He is such a sweet dog and I always look forward to our sessions together so I thought it might be nice to give him an extra special treat. Taking him home with me meant not only that he would have some time away from kennels, but it would be the perfect chance for us to see what he might be like in a real home.”

Jasper has been with us in the Leeds Rehoming Centre for some time and during his stay he has achieved so much. His training has been going brilliantly and he has the most adorable personality.

Meg continues:

“As soon as we left the rehoming centre he was an absolute dream. He travelled fine in the car and when we arrived at my house after a little sniff around he immediately claimed his place on the sofa.

He seemed to relax very quickly, which is fantastic to see. We played with some food games, which he really enjoys doing because they make him use his brain, and he seemed happy to entertain himself with a few toys too. When we went out for a little walk he was really good on lead. We even passed few other dogs and he wasn’t interested so we know he’s great out and about.

While he was chilling on the sofa I also did a bit of hoovering to see how he reacted to household noises, and again he wasn’t fussed at all! He was far more interested in relaxing. In fact we spent most of the day snuggling on the sofa together!”

Take a look at the video to see how much Jasper enjoyed his home visit, and if you are looking for a super sweet, super snuggly boy and you have space on your sofa then just come and meet him!

Find out more about Jasper on his profile page.