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In the spotlight at Leeds - Jess!

Fun loving Staffy girl just needs a second chance

This week we’ve been getting to know Jess, who is a stunning looking 4 year old Staffy cross.

Jess has been in the Leeds Rehoming Centre for a little while now so we thought we’d introduce her properly.

Her handlers are full of love and praise for her, telling us that she is super clever and really enjoys learning new things. As she loves her food so much she is just perfect for training new tricks to keep her brain active.

When she’s indoors and with people she knows she is full of love and enjoys a good wriggly cuddle on the sofa. Out and about she can be rather strong on lead. She is very keen to investigate everywhere so if you’re at the other end of the lead you need to make sure you have enough energy to keep up with her!

She has a real playful side to her too. She loves toys and can entertain herself with her favourites, but she’s happiest when her human friends join in for a good game of ragger!

Over all she is a super fun and friendly girl with loads of potential. In the right home she could really blossom into a wonderful pet if her owners keep her mind active as well as her legs!

 Check out the video below to see her in action,
and find out more about her on her profile page.


If you might be able to offer Jess a second chance at a loving forever home please contact Dogs Trust Leeds on 0113 284 4920