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Foster Dog Friday - Meet Ella!

Meet Ella, a lovely little Jack Russell Terrier looking for her forever home

Jack Russell Terrier sat on a bench

Meet Ella, a super sweet 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who is looking for a quiet retirement home.

She has limited vision, but manages to potter around her home around just fine. Due to her sight problems she isn’t keen on going out on walks, and instead prefers to explore her garden. It’s so sweet watching her sniffing around in the flowers!

She’s really playful and loves to play with her toys. She also loves being around people and will cuddle up on the sofa with you all day.As she is an older girl she is living in a foster home where she can get lots of love and attention until she finds her forever home.

We’ve been told by her foster carers that she’s settled in beautifully and they’re really surprised at how active she is now that she knows her way around the house and garden. It’s clear that once she finds her forever home her owners are in for plenty of cuddles and lots of fun!

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