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Flying high with Biggles!

Biggle the grey toy poodle

This week we’ve been getting to know one of our smaller residents Biggles, who is a very cute 7 year old Toy Poodle who has been waiting to find his forever home for a little while now.

We think it’s fair to say that when people think of a Toy Poodle they think of a fluffy lap dog who will sit on your knee all day and snuggle. Unfortunately Biggles gets very worried by too much handling and this can make him feel very uncomfortable. Instead, he much prefers to interact with his human friends in a much more fun and active way.

He is a very smart dog and his handler Jodie at Dogs Trust Leeds has been showing us all the work she’s been doing with him over the past weeks.

She tells us:

“Biggles is an incredibly clever dog and we’ve found that by keeping his mind and body active he has really flourished here at the rehoming centre. We noticed early on that he didn’t look at all comfortable when being handled, which for a breed such as his that requires regular grooming could be problematic in the home. To tackle this we developed a number of simple techniques that would alert Biggles to what was about to happen, but reassure him that it was safe and we would stop if he became uncomfortable. Quick as a flash he picked up on the routine and now we can freely groom him or check his ears etc. while all the time he feels in control of the situation. By building this trust with him he now shows a great deal of affection towards us and will often come for a quick snuggle, although always on his own terms!

I’m genuinely over the moon with the progress that little Biggles has made and now that he’s ready to find his new home I’m confident that in the right hands he’ll continue to flourish.”

Take a look at the video below and you can see the way Biggles understands and trusts his handler in what she’s doing, and how he rewards her with his affection and all round bubbly playful personality!

So if you have a real passion for dog training with plenty of patience to adopt a hands-off approach initially you might be the special someone that Biggles is looking for! Find out more about him on his profile page.