Farewell Sabrina

White dog Sophie snuggling her little puppies

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to report this morning.

Sabrina, the littlest of Sophie’s beautiful pups has sadly passed away. She had been making good progress and gaining weight even though she was quite a bit smaller than her siblings.

It is generally reported that mortality rates in large litters like Sophie’s are high in the best of circumstances (between 10-40% within the first 8 weeks of life), so although this outcome is far from uncommon, it’s a devastating blow to the team.

Even though we don’t know why Sabrina died, we’re relieved to report that all the puppies have been vet checked and found to be in good health and are continuing to grow healthily so we’re encouraged by this and are continuing to provide the very best of care.

It’s a real-life fact that sometimes we never know the reason for fading puppies, but that other than her always being smaller than her brothers and sisters she was receiving everything she needed and this is just a tragic commonality.

We’ve been spending time with Sophie and her remaining ten puppies and although she is obviously a little quieter than her usual bouncy self, she is still taking great care of her babies by feeding and cleaning them all just as before. We will certainly be giving Sophie a lot of extra snuggles in the coming days.

This certainly highlights that life is delicate and breeding a dog should not ever be taken lightly, as devastating complications can arise despite the very best of care.