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Eleven is a magic number!

Sophie the Staffy's puppies

Earlier this week we introduced you to Sophie, our very beautiful and heavily pregnant Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross.

Well we’re very happy to report that yesterday she was delivered of ELEVEN healthy puppies! Six girls and five boys.

Her labour went brilliantly and she has immediately taken to motherhood perfectly. She is keeping her puppies clean and warm and being very patient when they need to feed.

As she’s such an inspirational girl, we’ve decided to name her children in her honour so they all have names beginning with S.

So we’d like to formally introduce you to Samantha, Sabrina, Simon, Sophia, Selena, Samuel, Stephanie, Sebastian, Spencer, Solomon and Suzannah.

Sophie lying with her puppies  

Sophie with her puppies  

We’ll bring you more news next week as Sophie settles in to family life