Dogs Trust

Autumn walks with Tia

Tia, enjoying walking in the woods

Here at Dogs Trust Leeds we love taking advantage of the beautiful countryside around us and during autumn the local woodlands come alive with new scents and sights for our dogs to explore.

We are lucky to have some fantastic dog walking areas nearby in places such as Bramham woods or Aberford, but this week we joined one of our longer term dogs on a lovely country walk closer to the rehoming centre.

Tia is a beautiful 9 year old Crossbreed who has been with us for a while now. While she’s waiting to find her Forever Home we like to vary her day to day activities and going off site for adventures is one of her favourite things to do.

When Tia is out and about she wears a muzzle as she gets very worried by other dogs she doesn’t know. The great thing is that she is happy to wear her muzzle and it doesn’t have any impact on her enjoying herself out and about on her walks. You will see in the video we captured that she never stops sniffing and exploring and generally living her best life!

Take a look at the video below and you can see what a lovely time she has whenever she goes off on one of her walking adventures and also just how great she is to walk on lead too.

Tia would love to find her Special Someone soon to enjoy lots of exciting days out, followed by plenty of snuggles on the sofa! You can find out more about Tia on her profile page.