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Old age pooches looking for second chance at happiness after owner passes away

An elderly doggie ensemble at Dogs Trust Kenilworth are looking for new owners to give them a second chance at happiness thanks to a scheme which helps dogs find a loving home when their owners pass away.

Thankfully, the owner of Button, Peewee, Tiny and Gizmo who have a collective age of 42 years old had signed up to Dog’s Trust's Canine Care Card, a free service that aims to give owners peace of mind, knowing that Dogs Trust will look after their dog if the worst should happen.

After living together for most of their lives, the team are keen to keep the devoted doggies together and will be rehoming them as pairs so they can live out their days with a familiar four-legged friend.

Jane Hirons, Supporter Relations Officer at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, said:

"Many dog owners worry what might happen to their dog if they were to pass away first, leaving their beloved four-legged friend without an owner. However, the Canine Care Card scheme offers reassurance to dog owners, and also helps to ease the minds of friends and family during what is already a distressing time. But it means you can rest in the knowledge that your dog will be cared for after you die and just like these four, will go on to find loving homes that are right for them.

The team say that despite their ages, they are full of life and enjoy pottering around and being in each others company.

Jane adds: “These four are wonderful characters and will make great companions for their new families. We know we can’t fill the space left by their beloved owner, only a new caring family can do that. But we hope it won’t be long before dog overs come forward and gives him the love they deserve very soon.”

They are looking for quiet, calm homes with no other dogs but could potentially live with children over the age of eight.

Canine Care Card holders receive a wallet-sized card which acts in a similar way to an organ donor card and notifies people of their wishes for their dogs, should anything happen to them.

Dogs Trust works hard to match every dog with a responsible, loving home. If for any reason a dog takes a while to be rehomed, owners can rest assured that Dogs Trust never puts a healthy dog to sleep and will care for them for the rest of their lives.

To find out more about the Canine Care Card scheme, please contact Jane Hirons or Helen Barlow, Supporter Relations Officers at
Dogs Trust Kenilworth on 0330 303 0292