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Canine justice league searching for their sidekicks

Rehoming appeal for Dogs Trust Kenilworth

Dogs Trust Kenilworth is playing host to their very own Justice League who would all make great sidekicks in a loving new home.

To coincide with the release of the new Justice League film, the team at the Honiley-based rehoming centre have discovered that some of their longer-term residents shared similar characteristics to their super human counterparts and are on the lookout for homes fit for a superhero.

Monty AKA Batman - Batdog Monty is a strong character who prefers to work alone.  Since arriving at the rehoming centre over 450 days ago, Monty is often seen in the dark night seeking out tasty treats. He is a good thinker like Batman and needs a patient owner to help him settle in and continue his training. Monty is a five-year-old Patterdale Terrier.

Kaiser AKA Superman - Super Kaiser is a six-year-old German Shepherd who has been with Dogs Trust since February 2016. He brightens the day for all of the canine carers in centre but is yet to find a hero to adopt him. When he is not flying around playing with his football he is building up his superhero strength with a good game of tug.

Ruby AKA Wonder Woman – Gorgeous Ruby the six-year-old Rottweiler is a strong and independent lady who has the power and the beauty to save the world all on her own. Despite her confidence, Ruby loves nothing better than snuggling up on a cosy couch with her favourite toy. She would benefit from additional training in some areas including working on her graceful side but Ruby is a big favourite with her carers and is still looking for her special someone after 650 days in kennels.

Rolo AKA The Flash – Despite his size, Rolo the eight-year-old Minitaure Pincsher has a big personality! He’s quick-off-the-mark, but it is taking Rolo a bit of time to find his perfect sidekick since arriving in October 2015.  Rolo always has a spring in his step and can often be seen doing his famous hop, skip and jump.  He is hoping that he can sprint his way into his new home really soon where he can settle down as ‘quick as a flash’.

Jimmy AKA Aquaman - It hasn’t been all plain sailing for Jimmy the five-year-old Collie cross who is still looking for a home after arriving at the rehoming centre in early 2016.  Like Aquaman, Jimmy is a water fan and is not far away when a paddling pool is nearby.  Like most superheroes Jimmy loves plenty of attention with lots of rewards.

Louis AKA Cyborg – Louis the six-year-old Lurcher is one of the longest term canine residents at the rehoming centre and has been searching for his hero for almost 1000 days.  However unlike anything robotic Louis has so much love to give and loves running around with his doggy friends and eating lots of tasty treats – followed by a long snooze on a sofa.

If you can give any of these superdogs a home, please call Dogs Trust Kenilworth on 0300 303 0292 or pop in to the centre in Honiley.