Long-legged long-term residents looking for love at Dogs Trust Kenilworth

Dogs Trust Kenilworth is hoping some long-legged long-term residents will soon be speeding off to their forever homes.

The rehoming centre currently has seven Lurchers and six Greyhounds who between them have spent 13 years at the Honiley rehoming centre, with some of them having been waiting for more than a year to find their special someone.

Now as the nights draw in, the team are hoping it won’t be long before they catch the eye of dog-lovers who want to spend cosy nights in with a four-legged friend.

James Ackner, Assistant Manager at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, says:

"Some of our Lurchers and Greyhounds have arrived fairly recently but some have been with us quite some time, and we would really love to see them settled in loving homes soon.

"We aren’t sure why they aren’t catching the eye of people but there are a lot of myths that surround Lurchers and Greyhounds, particularly when it comes to the exercise they need.

"People tend to think they need an awful lot of exercise but often their preference is to have a speedy run around, rather than a hike into the hills. Then they can be found happily snoozing away on a comfy bed!

"So if that sounds like a dog that would fit into someone’s lifestyle, we are sure we will be able to find a four-legged friend for them."

One of those hoping to shoot off into a new home soon is three-year-old Lurcher, Rocket, who arrived at the Honiley centre in February. The team say he is a ‘bouncy, loveable, cheeky chap’ who enjoys playing with his toys and who would fit into a home with children aged 16 and over.

Seven-year-old Dash, also a Lurcher, has been at the centre for eight months but unlike Rocket, he is looking for a quiet, adult only home. Although he doesn’t want to share his new home with other pets, he loves meeting up for a walk with his canine companions.

Last but certainly not least is older gentleman Greyhound, Charlie, who is nine-years-old. Charlie is looking for a calm, adult only home with no visiting children. He is a sensitive boy and needs to build a bond with his new family before heading home, so he will need to meet them at the rehoming centre several times.

James says:

"Charlie is a beautiful boy and now he’s that bit older he loves his home comforts, but his chase instincts haven’t left him yet, so he needs a home with no cats or small furries!

"Every dog has its own individual personality and that’s definitely true of these 13 that we have currently got the pleasure of looking after. We would urge anyone who has a doggie-shaped hole in their lives to consider giving a forever home to one of these lovely dogs. Let’s hope that for once, 13 proves to be a lucky number."

Dogs trust Kenilworth is not open for public browsing but you can still make an appointment to adopt or bring a dog to us. We’ve set up new processes which include social distancing measures to help keep staff and our visitors safe.

Dogs Trust estimates that up to 40,000 more dogs could be at risk of abandonment in the fallout of the coronavirus crisis. If you would like to help change the course of events and help us continue to be there for more dogs and their owners when they need us, please give what you can by visiting www.dogstrust.org.uk/changethetale   

If you could Change the Tale for any of these dogs, find out more by calling Dogs Trust Kenilworth on 01926 569236.