Could Woody have a friend in you?

A rescue dog at Dogs Trust Kenilworth is looking for love - and a new ‘woof’ over his head. 

Eight-year-old Border Collie Cross, Woody, is currently being cared for by volunteer foster carers but he needs to look for new doggie digs as his fosterers are having some renovation work carried out on their home. 

Emma Healey, Manager at Dogs Trust Kenilworth, says: 

“Woody’s foster carers adore him and he loves them, but they need some work doing on their home. They have delayed and delayed for Woody’s sake as he is noise sensitive and he likes to play and relax in the garden, which he won’t be able to do whilst the work is going on. 

“Now the work needs to be done in the next couple of months so we are hoping we can find a forever home for him, or a foster home, until the work is complete!” 

Woody originally arrived at Dogs Trust as a three-month old puppy and happily lived in a home for more than six years. Due to a change in his family’s circumstances he found himself back at Dogs Trust and he has been in foster care since May last year. 

Woody is a sensitive boy and loves his home comforts as he can be overwhelmed by the great outdoors, so he needs a quiet, relaxing home with a large secure garden where he can play to his heart’s content and while away the hours. He loves playing with his toys and likes puzzle games to keep his brain busy and he also likes learning new things so he would love his new owners to do training with him.  

Emma says: 

“We don’t know if he was named after the star of Toy Story but as fans of the film will know, the character Woody has lots of ups and downs in his life and that has been the case for our gorgeous Woody too. 

“He really does deserve to be the star of his own home. He is a real lover of home life and loves watching the world go by from the comfort of a comfy sofa, he just needs to find the right family. 

“We are really hoping that we can find Woody his very own special someone so he can finally have his furry-tail ending.” 

Woody is looking for a quiet, adult only home with a large secure garden and he would like to be the only dog in his new home. If you think you could be Woody‘s ideal match, or you would like to volunteer to become Woody’s temporary foster carer, please call Dogs Trust Kenilworth on 01926 569236.