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Our little office helper..

Every once in a while we sneak a cuddle and todays cuddle comes in tiniest form, possibly our smallest resident adult dog ‘Blossom’. Because she fits in pretty much the palm of your hand its making typing emails a little bit tricky but she can be forgiven for being completely adorable!

Blossom unbelievably hasn’t found her #specialsomeone yet as she does have specific needs but we are fairly confident that it won’t be too long else our Fun Day planning is going to grind to a halt!!! If you haven’t got the date in your diary yet then please do – we shall be returning to Hatton Country World, Nr Warwick on Sunday 10th June 11am-4pm and we look forward to welcoming back previous residents including the lovely Blossom we hope!

PS: If you are clearing out your cupboards in the post Christmas clean up then please do remember we are already collecting bottles of wine, gift sets, new and nearly new items for re-sale.

Here’s to a great 2018!

Jane & Blossom x