Dogs Trust

Huey visits the Earlsdon Methodist Church

Huey is waiting excitedly for our visit to Earlsdon Methodist Church this afternoon where he will assist me with my talk about Dogs Trust.

He loves meeting people, and has quickly realised that, after our work is done, tea and biscuits is usually on offer! Before we head out there is plenty of work to do in the office and I’m not sure Huey is too much help in that respect – much preferring to sit on my lap and obstruct the view to the computer.

I have heard that there is actually a lot of research that points towards dogs being useful in offices for reducing stress and improving the atmosphere. I think Huey needs to read the link on being useful although he scores points for reducing stress and definitely puts a smile on our faces.

Talks are a great way to spread the word on what we do. It is a free service that we offer to adult groups within the community such as Women’s Institutes and Rotary Clubs who have an interest in Dogs Trust. Please contact either Jane or Helen on 01926 486010 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]