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First Talk of 2018 on ‘The work of Dogs Trust’

With the new year feeling well and truly in full flow and the slight flutter of snow flakes, this week saw us venturing out to Sutton Coldfield where  we were made very welcome by Streatly Solitaire Group. With a new year came a new presentation and the Solitaire Group were my guinnea pigs with trialling it out.  I had great feedback but  as usual I was upstaged by my dog who turns on the charm whenever he sees the ladies (and gents)  and makes himself right at home.  With his scrummy face and a non-stop wagging tail and the little silly things he does for the attention, (ie falls asleep with the loudest snore) I guess he’s allowed to be the main attraction. Being once a Dogs Trust resident, he is a great addition to our visit.

If you are a member of a social or community group and are looking for a speaker to attend one of your meetings then please get in touch.  We can adapt our presentation to your time scale and we try to bring a 4 legged friend when we can.  We love getting out into the community and meeting our supporters.  Our talk is on ‘the work of Dogs Trust’ and covers everything we do as a charity…you may be amazed at what we do?!

Please contact Helen or jane on 01926 486010 to book in for a talk.