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A poem about Suede

By Canine Carer Jessica Murphy and her aunty Samantha Steele

Suede the Lab Cross

Hello, my name is Suede
And I’m a very lively boy
The way to see the best of me
Is to throw around a toy

I am quick, alert and agile
And I am in my prime
Please can I have your attention
And a minute of your time

Tug of war is the way it starts
So you can feel my power
And just as you think you’re wearing me out
I’ll go another hour

You grab a ball and throw it
And change the game we play
And just as you think I’m getting tired
I keep playing throughout the day

You throw and throw and throw that ball
Until you think I’ve past my peak
And just as you think you’ve done your job
I’ve reenergised for the week

You take a step back and look at me
Still running around so strong
You thought that you could wear me out
But I can go all month long

I will keep you on your toes
Let’s make that very clear
But if you give me the home I deserve
I promise I’ll make your year.

This poem was co-written by Canine Carer Jessica Murphy and her aunty Samantha Steele.  The family pair enjoy writing together with both having a keen interest in poetry and riddles whilst being huge dog lovers.  Both Jessica and Samantha thought a poem was be a great way to help promote the dogs.

If you are interested in Suede or any of the dogs at Kenilworth, then please contact us on 01296 484 398.  Alternatively, you can visit the centre on Honiley Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1NP.