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A poem about Monty

By Canine Carer Jessica Murphy and her aunty Samantha Steele

Monty the Patterdale Terrier

Hello my name is Monty
And although I’m very small
I would like a castle of my own
As I’m the fairest of them all

I love the simple stuff in life
A carboard box is my favourite thing
I like to hide inside them
And pretend that I’m the King

I also love a sand pit
It’s a moat I need to dig
My work here is never done
My castle is far too big

Please ask about me at the desk
If you think you could provide my thrown
And be my happily ever after
And my forever home.

This poem was co-written by Canine Carer Jessica Murphy and her aunty Samantha Steele.  The family pair enjoy writing together with both having a keen interest in poetry and riddles whilst being huge dog lovers.  Both Jessica and Samantha thought a poem was be a great way to help promote the dogs.

If you are interested in Monty or any of the dogs at Kenilworth, then please contact us on 01296 484 398.  Alternatively, you can visit the centre on Honiley Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1NP.

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