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Meet the 12 Dogs of Christmas

Staff at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe are calling on local dog lovers to consider opening their homes and hearts to a homeless hound whilst remembering the charity’s iconic slogan, “A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas”.

The rehoming centre in West Down will be caring for around 60 dogs over the festive period, but as 25th December approaches there are 12 homeless hounds who all have their paws crossed that they will be spending Christmas Day in a loving new home.

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe Rehoming Centre Manager, Elise Watson, explains: “Our 12 dogs of Christmas each have differing looks, personalities and needs but each one will make a wonderful addition to a loving new home so we are appealing for anyone who would like to rehome one of these deserving dogs to please get in touch.

“In an age where dogs can be purchased with the click of a button over the internet, we continue to see many unwanted and abandoned dogs coming through our doors over the Christmas period, simply because people haven’t taken into consideration the lifelong commitment of dog ownership. We urge anyone thinking of getting a dog during this busy period to seriously think about the commitment involved before making a decision to bring a four-legged family member into your home. Dog ownership can be challenging but also extremely rewarding, especially if you are giving a rescue dog a second chance at happiness.

"As always, we are reminding everyone that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, and, if you are thinking about getting a dog in 2018, to consider rehoming a rescue dog."

The 12 Dogs of Christmas

One-year-old Terrier Barney is a sweet lad who loves the company of other dogs. He is quite shy around new people but soon comes around if there is a tasty treat on offer. He would need an adult-only home, or one with older teenagers, and would love to live with another dog. With patience and time Barney will blossom in the right home where he is introduced to new things positively and at his own pace.

Holmes is a three-year-old Crossbreed who is extremely clever and loves to learn new things. Like his namesake, he is quite the detective and enjoys scent games and treat puzzles to solve. Holmes is a fun, excitable, bouncy boy but would appreciate quiet walks away from the hustle and bustle. He is looking for an adult-only home and although he would love to have walking buddies, he’d prefer to be the only dog in the home.

Two-year old Jumbo is a handsome, clever Collie who enjoys learning new things. He is affectionate with people he knows and loves walking and socialising with other dogs. He is looking for an adult-only home, with patient, understanding owners who are willing to put time into building a bond with him. He needs an active home where he can enjoy long walks and ongoing training.

Lara is a nine-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who absolutely adores people. Her love of fuss and cuddles means it's hard not to fall in love with her, and her ideal day would be spent on a quiet walk, followed by a lazy afternoon full of lots of belly rubs before being tucked up in bed.  She's a sweet girl who enjoys her home comforts and is looking for a home where someone is around all the time to begin with, and time left alone can be built up gradually. She would like to be the only pet in the home but could live with teenagers who will give her the time she needs to settle.

Affectionate three-year-old Crossbreed Lexi loves to give cuddles and fuss. She’s a clever girl and loves to show off her skills that she has learnt for a tasty treat – and is always keen to learn more! She enjoys playing with other dogs and would love a home where her new owners will continue her socialisation with lots of four-legged friends. She would need an adult-only home without too many visitors, where she can be showered with affection.

Four-year-old Greyhound Marvel loves a fuss! He enjoys the company of other dogs and you can often find him playing a game of chase with his kennel mate, followed by a long snooze in his bed. He’s an energetic fella so needs a home with plenty of open space to run around in. He could share a home with older teenagers as well as another dog.

Handsome Boxer Jookie is a big overgrown puppy who loves to play! He can be shy at first but loves toys so if you have a ball, he’ll soon come out of his shell. He is looking for a home with patient adult owners who will give him time to settle and gain confidence. He is used to company so would like someone around most of the time, although he can be left for short periods. Jookie would benefit from going to training classes where he can socialise with doggy friends and learn new things, as he's a clever boy who likes to use his brain.

One-year-old English Bulldog cross, Skye is a friendly girl who loves a cuddle. She’s got lots of energy and enjoys a game of chase so is looking for an active home where she can have lots of fun. She could live with children aged 14 and over and would need to be the only pet in the home so she can keep all of the fuss to herself.

Tommy the four-year-old Spaniel cross is a great boy and loves the company of his two-legged friends so he would like someone around for most of the day to begin with whilst he settles in. He could share his home with sensible children aged 10 and over but would like to be the only dog in the home. He’s a wonderful boy who would make a great companion in a quiet but active home.

Ten-year-old Labrador Frankie is definitely young at heart. He enjoys going for walks and having a good run around in the sand. He loves having a fuss and, like a typical Labrador, he adores his food. He has been sharing his kennel since arriving at the centre so enjoys having doggy companions around to keep him company.

Pongo the Collie is only 16 months old and is still learning about the world. He is a shy boy but has been enjoying lots of fuss and cuddles from his canine carers at the rehoming centre. He is looking for owners who can continue with his training and help build his confidence.

Ten-month-old Terrier Sarah has oodles of energy! She’s bouncy and fun but also super clever and since arriving at the rehoming centre she has been enjoying learning her basic training for nice tasty treats. Although a little shy, she loves fuss so would love new owners to be around for most of the day with time left gradually built up.

If you can offer any of these dogs a home, please call 0300 303 0292 or pop into the rehoming centre at Hazeldene, West Down, Ilfracombe EX34 8NU.