Third time lucky for rescue dog Rudi

Tails are wagging at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe as they have waved a fond farewell to a dog who spent five months in their care. 

Rudi, a five-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was originally born at Dogs Trust Glasgow in August 2015. He was returned to their care a few years later but was happily rehomed for a second time. But sadly, that was not meant to be and was returned to their care once again through no fault of his own. 

As Rudi is sensitive boy, the behaviour specialists at Dogs Trust decided to transfer him to the Ilfracombe centre, where he could work on the challenges he was facing in a quieter environment. The team there welcomed Rudi in November 2020 and began working with him on his sensitivity to loud noises and his worry in new situations and environments. The hard work paid off as after almost 150 days in the care of the West Down centre, he has now trotted off to start a new life with George Tozer and Katie Layton from Holsworthy, who say it was Rudi’s eyes that first captured their hearts. 

George said: 

“We spotted Rudi on the Dogs Trust website and instantly fell in love with him. His eyes were what caught our attention and we knew from that moment he was the one we wanted.  

“We learnt that he had been with them for a little while and that he did have some special requirements for his new home, including access to quiet walks as he becomes easily overwhelmed by too much noise or hustle and bustle. But we wanted to look past all of that and give him the opportunity for a forever home that he needed and deserved. 

“We’ve been taking it slowly but Rudi has settled in better than we expected. He has enjoyed his walks and even hopping in the car for a short drive. We can’t imagine a life without him now.”  

Dedicated staff worked with Rudi on a daily basis to help him feel comfortable around the things that worry him, providing bespoke training and behaviour sessions to help him thrive in the right forever home. 

Elise Watson, Manager at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe Manager, said: 

“Rudi is an adorable boy but did have some worries especially around loud noises and new situations. We are so happy we have been able to help change the tale for Rudi and find him his happy ending and we know he has finally landed on his paws with George and Katie, getting all the love and affection he deserves. Seeing our dogs go to their new homes is why we do the job we do, and we are all absolutely delighted for Rudi.”  

“We have been able to continue to safely rehome dogs throughout the pandemic via virtual rehoming. We still have around 30 dogs in our care looking for a second chance, or in Rudi’s case, a third. So if you have a dog-shaped hole in your life, please do get in touch.”  

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is currently closed to members of the public for browsing but is still rehoming and taking in dogs, with new processes in place to keep staff and adopters safe.    

If you think you have space in your home and heart for a rescue dog, contact the team for more information on 01271 812 709.