Dogs Trust

Large sofa (and comfy lap) needed for leggy lad

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is looking for a home, and a comfy lap, for a dog who, despite weighing 30kgs and measuring 4ft from nose to tail, still thinks he’s a lap dog. 

When it comes to lap dogs, most people think of a dog that fits comfortably in the shape of your lap. Not too heavy, not taking up too much space, just fitting comfortably. But Wallace, a two-year-old leggy Lurcher is proving that size doesn’t matter as this gentle giant wants nothing more than a comfy lap to spend the rest of his days. 

The loveable pooch is hoping a big-hearted dog lover falls in love with him as he is ready to take up space in a home of his own. 

Elise Watson, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe, said:

“Wallace makes us laugh so much and it’s clear that no one has told him he’s too big to be a lap dog – but he doesn’t seem to care! He’ll happily plonk himself down, as long as you’re willing to have this leggy lovely use your lap to rest his paws! He has a wonderful character and would love a family who can give him plenty of mental stimulation, as well as provide him with interesting walks.

“He loves to play with his toys, but his favourite thing is being around people so is looking for a family who won’t leave him on his on for too long. As long as you don’t mind a big lap dog, Wallace could be the one for you!” 

Wallace would like an adult only home with no other pets. He likes to have walking buddies but his exuberant play-style can be too much for some dogs so is best suited as the only dog in the home.

For more information, please call 01271 446 058.