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NFU = Networking Fun Unrivalled!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting to a wonderful group of women – the Barnstaple NFU Ladies. However, for this talk, I had no wet-nosed, puppy-eyed, four-legged assistant to help me out. This was because the talk was at the beautifully redeveloped The Park Hotel in Barnstaple, where dinner was being served… and where Foxy the Labrador would probably have found the delicious, wafting smells all too tempting. Well, she is a Lab, after all!

With warm smiles and friendly faces, the lovely NFU ladies immediately made me feel welcome and part of their monthly network gathering. It was really nice to be able to talk to members prior to my presentation, to find out about them and all the ‘Fs’ - their families, friendships and the fun they get up to. All of this, over a delicious meal, which in itself resulted in a few giggles, as we attempted to scratch hardened chocolate off our dessert plates, whilst attempting to look ladylike… well, it involved chocolate and no morsel should EVER be left behind!

Then it was time for my presentation, where I talked about the history of Dogs Trust and of the slogan “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”. In fact, it is 40 years since this line was penned by our former Chief Executive, Clarissa Baldwin, and sadly, it’s just as relevant today as it was then.

As part of my talk, I highlighted how our Ilfracombe rehoming centre has developed over the years – and indeed how it continues to develop, to the benefit of more dogs in the future. I also highlighted some of the schemes we run, including our Canine Care Card Scheme, which gives peace of mind to dog owners, and our Home from Home Scheme, which offers foster care for some of our more vulnerable dogs.

I also touched upon the importance of funding and gave thanks to our supporters – from those who fundraise for us, to others who kindly remember us in their Will. Quite simply, it’s because of them – you – that we are able to care for all the dogs at our centres and offer the schemes, education and community work that we do. So a big THANK YOU to all of you.

If you think your adult community group would like a free talk on Dogs Trust, like the NFU Ladies last night, please contact me, Amy Bingham. You can phone me on 01271 817716 or email [email protected].