Bella’s Adventure in the Big Field

This beautiful girl enjoyed her big day out!

Bella recently took a road trip to a big secure field on Exmoor. As the van door opened to the beautiful, quiet, backdrop of the glorious Exmoor hills, Bella had her eyes focussed on the large grassy field that she was about to bound around on. It’s easy to think that Bella is younger than ten years of age when you see her at full speed, sprinting from one sniff to the next.


Bella enjoyed a good roll on the grass while at the same time having her belly rubbed by her carer, Shannon. Bella is super affectionate and absolutely adores a fuss and snuggle. She is instantly friendly with new people and she builds strong loving bonds. Bella posed for a few photos, showing off her lovely ‘sit’ for nice tasty treats before attempting the hay-bale jumps which she leaped over with ease! She explored the tyres with her nose and strolled on past the weave-poles. She had time for another sprint around the big field before going back for more fuss and then she took herself back off to the Dogs Trust van for a lovely bowl of water before the trip back to the rehoming centre.

Bella is a ten-year-old crossbreed with a beautiful brindle-coloured coat. She arrived at the rehoming centre 246 days a go in November 2019 as a stray. She has however spent some time in a home environment. She is house-trained, settles well and sleeps all through the night. Her favourite thing to do is snuggle with her humans on the sofa and have her ears stroked whilst watching television. She enjoys and benefits from quieter walks so she can have her own space. She lacks some social skills with other dogs however with slow introductions and by gradually decreasing the distance, she is able to walk parallel with calm, friendly dogs. Her focus on her carer is excellent and she responds to her name for treats. She is a firm favourite with all the Canine Carers here at the rehoming centre, and we are sure that whoever adopts her will love her as much as we do. She will make a loving companion for the person who takes her home.

She can live in a home with teenagers above fourteen-years-old. She would like to be the only pet in the home, and she can cope with a reasonably busy household but will need access to quiet walks.

Could you offer Bella her forever home?