A Day in the Life of Diego

A spotlight on our super affectionate Crossbreed Diego.

National Dog Day on Wednesday 26th August is when we come together and celebrate and shout about how great dogs are! Dogs bring us so much joy, and happiness. The relationships we have with our dogs are special, the bond between human and dog is like no other!

Dogs are great for our physical and mental wellbeing. They give us unconditional love, they don’t judge, they keep our secrets, they’re always there for us, they give us the best welcome home and give warm snuggles and shower us with kisses. We share walks together come rain or shine, throw a ball endless amounts of time and binge watch copious amounts of boxsets together on the sofa. The time spent with a dog is always time well spent.

Our Canine Carers here at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe Rehoming Centre spend their time looking after, caring for and getting our dogs ready for life in their new homes. Here’s a sneak peak into a day in the life of Diego...


Diego is an eleven-year-old crossbreed who started his early years as a stray on the streets of Spain, he was brought to the U.K and spent ten-years living in a home. He arrived at the centre back in February due to a change in owners circumstances and he is now looking for a loving, comfy retirement home with patient adult adopters who are prepared to come and meet him here at the rehoming centre a few times to build a bond. Diego is shy and wary of new people at first, but once Diego has built that loving bond, he is affectionate and likes a fuss.

Diego kicks off his day with a short stroll, he is house-trained, and he likes to keep his kennel nice, clean and tidy. It’s then back for breakfast, which is prepared and weighed out in the prep. room.

Diego enjoys a nice walk in our woodland, sometimes he will go for walks with one of his doggie pals. He has a good sniff in all the bushes which is the dog version of reading a newspaper! He may choose to go for a dip in the pond, he swims sometimes, he goes around and around cooling off. He also has an option for a quick run around in the paddock.

There are always opportunities to snuggle with his carers, who he knows well, who have taken the time to build up that friendship bond, the type of bond that he will eventually have with the lucky person who comes to adopt him.

For lunch he enjoys a food puzzle game to keep his clever brain stimulated.

Canine Carers here at the centre are working towards the day Diego goes home. He hasn’t been keen about car travel, so his carers are making the car a fun and positive place, changing his emotional state about how he feels about getting in a car. Diego also has an ‘Introduction Program’, which he is working towards gaining confidence and feeling happier around new people; setting him up ready for when his adopters come and meet him.

Diego has tasty dinner made for him before his last gentle stroll of the day. Then it’s time for him to be tugged up into his double raised bed. Diego loves his home-comforts!

If you are interested in giving Diego a home, then please visit our rehoming centre webpage and give us a call at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe on 01271 812709.