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Foxy’s paws for thought

Whilst in between Dogs Trust talks today, my human (Supporter Relations Officer Amy Bingham) and I decided to stretch our legs at Budleigh Salterton seafront in Devon. However, you can imagine my initial surprise when I saw a mobile dog basket in the car park!

My human immediately went over to it, saying it was actually a motorbike and sidecar. (She always told me she had a ‘thing’ for outfits – however, I wrongly thought she was talking about clothes!)

Anyway, we soon got chatting to the lovely Canadian couple who own the mobile dog basket – I mean sidecar – and they (Dan and Sam) explained they were travelling across Europe, on what they called a ‘mid-life gap year’. This got me thinking. Do dogs have mid-life mad moments?

Whilst they invited me to sit in the dog basket (and as you can see by the photo, it fitted me very well – probably why they call it an outfit!), I thought about whether I show any of the possible mid-life crisis signs:

Buy a sports car – I love jumping into a car for walkies, but I’m not that bothered about what it looks like. Saying that, I do like this sidecar. But how would I fit my doggy car harness to it?

Adultery – How very DARE you! Of course not! (If I ever did stray though, my human makes sure I always wear my collar and ID tag.)

Go travelling – I love travelling to new adventures, but I prefer to stay on my patch, being Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Any further afield and I might have to check my Pet Passport is up-to-date!

Change your appearance – well, I sometimes like to mix it up with a new harness. However, my favourite one is my yellow Dogs Trust one. For some reason, I get lots of extra cuddles when I wear it!

Quit job – NEVER! I’ll be honest, being a Supporter Relations Officer Dog is a tough gig. After all, whilst my human gives presentations about the wonderful work of Dogs Trust, my role is to entertain the crowds by looking adorable and accepting all the fuss, attention, tummy tickles, cuddles and the doggy snacks that many lovely supporters pass my way. So yes, it is tough, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Speaking of which, it’s time for me to get ready for my next presentation, so I best end my ‘paws for thought’ here. In summary, no, I don’t think dogs do have mid-life mad moments. But at just three years old, what do I know? If you would like to book me (and Amy Bingham) for a FREE Dogs Trust presentation, please get on the ‘dog and bone’ and call 01271 817716 or email [email protected].

Ruff for now!

Foxy the Lab