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Build a bond with Bruno

A Terrier named Bruno

Give Bruno time to get to know you and you will have a loving, affectionate friend.

Bruno is a shy boy who takes his time to trust people and he is especially worried of men. Bruno gains some confidence when he is in the company of another dog and it may be beneficial for Bruno to live with another dog who can show him the ropes!

Bruno is happy to get in a car to go and find those quieter walks away from the hustle and bustle. He loves treats and playing ‘find it’ scent games is a great way to build a bond with him and for him to build confidence.

Bruno will need understanding and patient adopters who have had experience of nervous dogs. Adopters will need to visit Bruno at the centre a few times to build up a bond. He may prefer a female only home with a limited number of visitors as Bruno will hide away from strangers. He could live in a home with children older than fifteen-years and would love to be around other dogs.

If you think you can give Bruno the loving, forever home he deserves, then please give our Canine Carers a call at our Ilfracombe Rehoming Centre on 01271 812709. We are open every day between 12noon and 4pm except Wednesday when we are open from 4.30pm until 7.30pm.