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Leggy lovelies dream of running into new homes

Dogs Trust Harefield sees a surge in Sighthounds

Dogs Trust Harefield is appealing for forever homes for its stunning Sighthounds after the Uxbridge-based rehoming centre has seen a drastic surge with 16 Lurchers and Greyhounds being handed over to the charity.


Although Georgio and Olly have thankfully found new families, homeless hounds Brian, Danny, Enzo, Hollow, Jet, Juno, Kelso, Lionel, Moshi, Remmy, Tigger, Tizzie, Wendell and Zoe are eagerly awaiting their special someone. With handover reasons ranging from strays to ex-racing Greyhounds reaching the end of their careers, the charity is urging local dog lovers not to overlook these loveable breeds.

Seeking their ‘furrytail’ endings, the dogs are all very different in their temperaments and personalities, but they all have one thing in common; they would all make wonderful companions in the right home.

Looking to find his ‘endless love’, seven-year-old Lionel the Lurcher is a cheeky chappie and a real foodie, which helps with training and becoming his best two-legged friend. Always eager to learn, Lionel is looking for a calm home with a garden to call his own. He can live with teenagers over the age of 14, although he’s not a fan of felines. Time left alone will need to be built up gradually with his new family, as he loves human company.

Kelso is a four-year-old ex-racing Greyhound who loves a fuss and affection. As Kelso is not used to a home environment, he is looking for patient owners who can help him settle into family life at his own pace. Kelso loves his food, which will help with further training. He will need a private garden and access to quieter walking areas. He enjoys meeting other sensible dogs and could share his home with a compatible dog, and can live with teenagers aged 14 or above. Once settled, Kelso can be left for up to four hours.

With his phenomenal ears, one-year-old Juno is a loveable Lurcher who finds the world very exciting! Juno loves meeting new people and being the centre of attention; however she will benefit from continued training with her adopters for greeting canine chums, as she could do with a steer on manners! Although Juno knows a few commands, she would like to learn more and would love a garden to practice her new skills. Seeking active owners with breed experience, Juno can live with teenagers aged 15 years or older.

Sweet soul, Zoe, is an affectionate one-year-old Greyhound who is seeking a peaceful home with a private garden. Zoe loves tasty treats, which will help to build a bond with this shy lady. Gaining confidence from the presence of four-legged friends, she would ideally like to live with another adult dog, and she’d benefit from continued positive reward-based training with her new family. Looking for an adult-only home, Zoe would prefer her adopters to be around for the majority of the day while she settles into her new home.

Richard Moore, Dogs Trust Harefield Rehoming Centre Manager, said:

“We have a large number of Lurchers and Greyhounds all looking to find a new sofa to call their own. They’re a mixed bag of fantastic characters but we know they would all make superb additions to the right homes.

“Sadly, we are seeing an increase in Sighthound breeds looking for new homes, which may be due to their working or racing careers coming to an end. Although Sighthounds need regular exercise and owners who are in a position to offer a life-long commitment, it is a myth that the breeds need a huge amount of activity as they love to be couch potatoes, too!”

If you are interested in offering any Dogs Trust Harefield’s leggy lovelies a home, please call the rehoming centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit www.dogstrust.org.uk.