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Adopt don't shop this black Friday

Rehoming appeal for black dogs at Dogs Trust Harefield

Staff at Dogs Trust Harefield are hoping Black Friday will inspire local dog lovers to swap shopping for adopting and give one of their overlooked black dogs a new home.

The West London rehoming centre currently has five black dogs looking for their forever homes and they have all got their paws crossed in the hope that this Black Friday will prove lucky for them.

All of the dogs have different needs but the one thing they all have in common is that they are looking to reserve their spot on the sofa in the home of a special someone.

Richard Moore, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Harefield, said: “As people traditionally hit the shops on Black Friday, we’re using it as the perfect opportunity to celebrate the wonderful black dogs in our care and encourage people to adopt not shop.

“These black dogs have sadly been overlooked, but they are all such super characters and really deserve to find a loving new home – we thought if any day would be lucky for them, then surely it’s Black Friday! If you think you could give any of our black dogs a happy home, please get in touch.”

The adorable black dogs looking for a home are:

Remi-Roo – ten-year-old English Bull Terrier

Remi-Roo is a sweet older lady looking for a comfy retirement home. She loves people and enjoys a fuss, and would like her adopters to be around for the majority of the day, as she is happiest in human company. Although she walks nicely on a lead, Remi-Roo is not always comfortable around other dogs and prefers quiet walking areas. Fully housetrained, this lovely lady can live with children aged 12 and above, and dreams of a home with her own garden to potter around in.

Enzo – two-year-old Lurcher

Although Enzo can be initially worried when meeting new people, it doesn't take him long to strike up a friendship, especially when food is in the mix! This loveable Lurcher needs patient owners – ideally with experience of owning dogs - who will help boost his confidence. Looking to be the only dog in the home, living with teenagers aged 14 and above, Enzo would like his adopters to be around for most of the day whilst he settles into his new surroundings. He’d love a private garden with access to peaceful walking places.

Tess – three-year-old Rottweiler

Sensitive soul Tess loves the company of four-legged friends and could live with a confident canine who could show her the ropes. Looking for a peaceful, adult-only home without too many visitors, Tess loves rural walking places and would love a garden to call her own. She loves food and already knows some basic commands, but would benefit from further training. Tess is looking for experienced owners who will allow her to adjust to family life at her own pace.

Oswald – four-year-old Labrador Cross

Oswald loves a cuddle once he gets to know you. A very clever lad, he’s passionate about food and thoroughly enjoys training, which is a good way to build a bond with him. Looking for experienced adult adopters that are seeking a smart, energetic boy, Oswald will be a loving addition to the family in the right home.

Jet – two-year-old Lurcher

Jet can be shy at first but he enjoys a fuss once he knows you. His love of food helps new people build a bond with him and also supports with training.. Jet has canine chums and can live with a similar sized dog, but this isn’t essential. Ideally looking for adopters with knowledge of his breed, Jet dreams of kind owners who are around for the majority of the day to help him settle in and gain confidence. Jet is best suited to a calm adult-only home with a garden to play in.

If you’re interested in offering any of Dogs Trust Harefield’s homeless hounds a loving home, please call 0300 303 0292, pop into the rehoming centre situated at Highway Farm, Harvil Road, Uxbridge UB9 6JW or visit for more information.