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Think of Fern this Mother's Day

Collie Fern arrived at Dogs Trust West London over a year ago now with her 7 new-born puppies. Fern had been kept in unacceptable conditions and had given birth to her pups in a shed. When they arrived at Dogs Trust both Fern and the pups needed a huge amount of TLC which our lovely canine carers were proud to give them in spades, and we are very pleased that all the pups grew strong and were rehomed during 2015. But sadly Fern is still with us and she is getting sick of kennels now. As much as our lovely staff and volunteers go the extra mile to give Fern lots of love and attention, it’s not the same as having a cosy home with an adoring family.

We are hoping that this Mothers’ Day weekend will be the turn for this poor mum to find her new mummy, and get the forever home with all the love and luxuries she so badly deserves.

Fern needs quite a specific home. Before coming to Dogs Trust she was kept in the garden and shed, so she is not used to the home environment. She was not well habituated so doesn’t like too much hustle & bustle or built up areas. She is not keen to meet strangers, and she has had historic bad experiences with men so much prefers women’s company. So, we know it’s a tall order, but we are looking for a calm & understanding, adult-only, ideally female, home for Fern with someone who has the time and patience to help her settle in. Ideally, experience of collies would also be beneficial. Fern has sooo much love to give and we have no doubt that she will become the most wonderful companion, but we need to find someone to give her a chance. We’re hoping for a Mother’s Day furry-tail ending for this lovely lass – she really deserves it sooooo much.

If you think you could be Fern’s new Mummy then please give us a call or come visit us at Dogs Trust West London (in Harefield, Uxbridge), we’re even open on Mother’s Day!