Dogs Trust

Lurcher Love

As people try to keep a grasp on their New Year’s resolutions, staff at Dogs Trust Harefield have only one resolution that they intend to keep – to rehome the dogs at the rehoming centre that are so often overlooked or disregarded.

Sadly, the breed that is most likely to be overlooked at Dogs Trust Harefield is Lurchers – perhaps due to the bundles of energy they possess, or because they love human company so much that they dislike being left alone – however,  we think this breed would make the perfect family addition, such as our gorgeous Finn.

Two-year-old Finn is a spritely, lively boy who loves to play with toys and  four-legged friends alike. He is nosy parker, too, and loves nothing more than to sit by the window and watch the world go by! This lovable Lurcher has tonnes of energy so he will need an active home with owners who can keep him physically and mentally stimulated. He can live with other dogs who can help settle him in and show him the ropes.  Finn can be a little insecure at first, so he will need a calm and  patient adult owner who will give him the time he needs to adjust.

Richard Moore, Dogs Trust Harefield Rehoming Centre Manager, said:

“Lovable lurchers are great  pets, which is why it is such a shame when they are overlooked; despite being gentle, loyal and very affectionate. Finn is a good example of this – he desperately needs to find his special someone who will give him the love and trust he needs.”

If you are interested in giving Finn a ‘furever’ home please contact Dogs Trust Harefield rehoming centre on 01895 453930 or visit