Crisp packet blankets for the Ruislip Crisp Packet Project

The Ruislip Crisp Packet Project

Here at Dogs Trust West London, we have been collecting empty crisp packets, that would usually be thrown away. Our Receptionist Gill then gives the packets to her mum, Lynn, to create blankets to send off to the Ruislip Crisp Packet Project. The empty crisp packets are collected, cut open, washed, prepared and then fused together. These packets are then distributed to people who are currently homeless, as an innovative initiative to help people keep warm.

Here is what Lynn had to say:

“After seeing a post on Facebook from the Ruislip Crisp Packet Project, we were introduced to Zoe who was looking for volunteers to create blankets for people experiencing homelessness. What better way to spend our time during lockdown than to use crisp packets that would normally be binned (thank you Dogs Trust staff!) and turn them into something worthwhile.”

In London, there are more than 10,000 people who end up sleeping rough each year and there are often shortages of sleeping bags, and other practical items to keep someone warm through the night. This is where the Crisp Packet Blankets come in – they provide essential warmth to someone in need. In the whole of the UK, it is estimated that around 6 billion packets of crisps are sold annually, therefore it is not only an environmentally conscious, method of recycling – it is really sustainable.

Here is what Founder, Zoe had to say about the project:

“The group in Ruislip started officially in November 2020 as an area group of the wider Crisp Packet Project which started in Hastings the year before. There are 44 packets in a blanket, 150 in a Bivvi bag and each blanket is covered in plastic to make it strong and waterproof. I think it’s a really worthwhile project, with over 200 blankets having gone out since November to a variety of charities across London, St Albans and Windsor.”

Here at the centre, we are all more than happy to munch our way through lots of crisp packets, all for a good cause & the finished result is truly amazing! We continue to keep handing in our empty crisp packets for Lynn to use, to make even more blankets!

Here is one of Lynn’s wonderful, finished blankets:


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