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Vera on Holiday

Vera came to us as an ex-racer as her trial times were too slow to race. Canine Carer, Kaye, welcomed her to the centre and settled her into her kennel. After a quick phone call to her fiancé, where she asked him if he minded having an extra 4 paws join them on their holiday, Kaye packed Vera’s suitcase.


They headed to a cottage in the Cotswolds, surrounded by endless countryside. Vera found the longline a little daunting and first, but soon realised that it meant that she could have freedom to explore and began to love it. They spent the week on long woodland walks, met lots of new friends and some very good sniffs! Vera’s favourite part of the trip (apart from the tasty treats, pub trip which consisted of 2 sausages and cosy bed cuddles) was a visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. She spent most of the visit trying to work out which animal she most closely resembles and determined that it was either a giraffe, or a weird looking tall bird thing… she also made friends with a peacock! 


All in all, she had an amazing, well deserved holiday!