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Shar-Pei abandoned at groomers waits for new home

Nine-year-old Shar-Pei, Tye, was dropped off at the groomers back in June 2018, only for his owner never to return to collect him and Tye was handled into Dogs Trust.

We believe that Tye’s previous new owners used punishment-based training techniques to train him, which means he can be nervous in certain situations, particularly when being handled.

However, Tye has become a firm favourite amongst his Canine Carers here, as he is a sweet and affectionate boy once he gets to know you. Now the team there are hoping they will find the right family to love Tye for the rest of his days.

Dog Trust staff advise that it is very important that Tye’s new owners are patient and gentle with his handling and continue his training with reward-based training techniques.

Tye has previously mixed well with well-mannered dogs, but since being returned to the centre, his interactions with other dogs have gone backwards and he can be quite reactive towards them.

He must be the only pet in the home, live in a low dog populated area and must be kept on a lead in public. Due to his fearfulness around heavy handling, Tye must love in an adult-only home.

Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust West London, Richard Moore commented:

“Tye is a lovely boy who has found the last few years of his life understandably unsettling, having been left by his owner at the groomers and spending so long waiting in kennels for the right family.

“We suspect he was subjected to some punishment-based training too in the past, which has led to him being quite anxious. But once you get to know Tye, he is absolute joy. He loves nothing more than playing with toys and always picks one up, when people enter his kennel, out of excitement.

“Tye loves going out on walks and exploring but can be unsure when returning to kennels. He enjoys car rides, keeping nice and quiet, and travels well. He is housetrained and knows plenty of tricks, such as ‘sit’, ‘paw’ and has good recall when off-lead in our paddocks. He can be quite strong on the lead but loves a tasty treat so this should help when training him. He doesn’t mind being left in his kennel and you can often see him napping, so he could be left up to four hours in his new home.”

If you’re interested in adopting Tye, please call 01895 544544