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10 Terrific Terriers

Ten Terrific Terriers at Dogs Trust West London in Harefield have their paws crossed that they will soon find their forever home.

Jack Russell Terrier Bobby is a sweet six-year-old chap who can be a little shy around new people so will need owners who are prepared to make visits to the centre in order to get to know him and earn his trust. He’s come on a great deal since being at the centre and enjoys slowly making new friends at his own pace. He needs an adult-only, quiet home in a peaceful area where he is the only dog.

Dixie is a lovely Jack Russell Terrier looking for his retirement home. He is happiest when he is snuggled up on the sofa with his favourite human and playing fetch in the garden. Although he is an older chap, he still loves his walkies and enjoys exploring the great outdoors. He is looking for a quiet forever home when he can have his own private garden to play in and practise his training.

Siblings Scooby and Millie are looking for a home together. Millie is a sweet girl who gains most of her confidence from her brother, Scooby. She can be worried when meeting new people but is easy to win over with some treats! Scooby is a happy lad who loves making new two-legged friends and love of treats will certainly help with his training! Millie and Scooby are looking for a forever home where they can have their own garden with people around for most of the day to help them settle in.

Sweet, sensitive lad Bumper is looking for owners who have some experience with terriers. He enjoys the company of people and having a gentle fuss but doesn't cope with over enthusiastic handling. He would benefit from having easy access (no stairs) to his own garden as he has some issues with his legs - our vet will talk to you in detail about this. He will need his new owners to be around for most of the day whilst he settles in, then leaving hours can be built up gradually.

Reggie is a sweet dog who is looking for a quiet household where he can settle in. Reggie is in a foster home where he thrives on routine. He is happy to meet dogs of a similar size and nature and could live with a similar dog but this is not essential. He would love to sleep in your bedroom as he does get chilly! Reggie has on-going medical issues so needs owners who can deal with this.

Due to his difficult past Hewie can be worried by new situations and people. Once he knows you, he enjoys a gentle fuss and he loves cuddles with his carers here! He knows some basic commands and would benefit from some confidence building before more training; he is a clever lad and will be receptive to attention, in fact he should thrive with love and attention!

Complicated boy Hobo loves to learn new things and is very clever. He has triggers that make him anxious so will need a very patient and understanding forever home. He requires a really quiet home without visitors and with a private garden.

Freya may be small but she makes up for it in personality! She is finding kennel life a little difficult and will benefit from a quiet, calm home where she will have the time and space to settle. She needs easy access to quiet walks and needs a home without stairs as she doesn't like being lifted up.

A loyal and loving boy; Kai is looking for a loving retirement home. Although he’s not the youngest dog, don’t let that fool you! Kai loves his walks and exploring the great outdoors! He would benefit from getting to know his new family before going home and would prefer a household with a maximum of 2 people.

If you are thinking about rehoming one of our terrific Terriers, or other dogs we have in our centre then please contact Dogs Trust West London in Harefield on 01895 453 930 or pop down and visit the centre.