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Rescue dogs looking for their happy-ever-after this Roald Dahl Day!

This Thursday [13th September] marks the anniversary of the late author Roald Dahl’s birthday, with celebrations of his famous works taking place around the world; and Dogs Trust Glasgow are hoping potential owners will come forward and give new homes to canine characters who could have come straight out of one of Roald Dahl’s storybooks.

Barkley, the four-year-old Greyhound, is a very well mannered chap, very much like Charlie Bucket and also has his very own Great Glass Elevator. Barkley hopes to be taken on a wonderful journey to a new home that is out of this world.

A litter of puppies currently in the care of the rehoming centre could very well be mistaken for the Minpins, who are cute little creatures that live in trees. Our puppies would much rather live in a warm family home though and thankfully they all recently found loving new owners.

Casper loves eating his vegetables, amongst other things, which has helped make him big and strong, just like the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) whose diet consisted of ‘Snozcumbers’. Casper is a 10-year-old Crossbreed who is looking for a home that will make his dreams come true. He would prefer to live in an adult home with no other pets.

Four-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cooper is Dogs Trust Glasgow’s resident Matilda, who is a keen learner and very intelligent. Cooper is looking for an adult only home with secure garden to play in and could potentially live with another dog too.

Pancake loves fitting himself into spaces that make him look like a giant, which is why it always seems like he has been sipping some of George’s Marvellous Medicine; even though he is a normal size for a one-year-old German Shepherd. He can live with children over the age of 14 and potentially other dogs too; and although he doesn’t know how to play with toys, he enjoys giving cuddles and playing games.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these special canine characters, please get in touch with
Dogs Trust Glasgow on 0300 303 0292