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Lord of the dogs

Dogs Trust Glasgow welcomed a special furry footed visitor of a different kind to meet their four- legged residents this week. Actor and famous dog lover Billy Boyd visited the Rehoming Centre in Uddingston to help find an ‘epic’ home for a four year old Border Collie he named Bilbo, and meet his character’s namesake Pippin – an adorable terrier puppy named after his Lord of The Rings character.

The Glaswegian dog fan sings the soundtrack to the final Hobbit chapter in the forthcoming film and staff are also hoping that his visit will help Bilbo reach his final chapter in his search for a new family. Sadly, Bilbo did not have the best start in life after coming to Dogs Trust as a stray and his carers are hoping his next adventure will be in a loving new home with owners who think he is as “precious” as they do. Just like the Hobbits in Tolkien’s stories who dream of returning home, Bilbo also dreams of finding a happy home of his own.

Billy Boyd explains “I  am a huge dog lover so it’s been a real pleasure meeting Bilbo and Pippin. Just like the real Bilbo Baggins he seems like a fantastic character and I hope he finds a new family in time for Christmas. Sadly I recently lost my beloved Spaniel but have met so many terrific dogs I would love to take home and am looking forward to bringing my family to meet them when we are ready for another dog ”

Emma Louise - Livingston, Dogs Trust Glasgow Supporter Relations Officer explains “ We are all huge Lord of the Rings fans at the  Rehoming Centre so we were really excited to meet Billy, none more than Bilbo and Pippin, but that may have more to do with Billy giving them chicken than their love of Tolkien. Little Pippin has already found a loving home but Bilbo is looking for patient new owners who will help him settle in and continue his training. He is a  fun-loving, gentle boy who can live with children over sixteen and a compatible dog. Bilbo is a super dog who deserves to find a furry tailending in loving new home where he can enjoy plenty of new adventures.”

If you would like to ‘bag’ Bilbo or any other of our dogs at Dogs Trust Glasgow, please ‘ring’ the Rehoming Centre directly on 0141 773 5130