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Game, Set and Fetch for Doggy Doubles

Tennis season is in full swing but it’s not just the tennis stars who are pairing up for a game of doubles! In fact, Dogs Trust Glasgow is currently playing host to five pairs of doggy doubles who are each hoping to find their perfect match this summer.

Just like their tennis heroes, Roxy and Sasha, Chomp and Freddo, Shiloh and Buster, Marley and Rossi and Squeak and Caramel love nothing more than playing with tennis balls and will happily spend their days enjoying a spot of training and keeping on their paws with plenty of exercise.

These furry contenders are now ready to score their perfect homes and staff are on the lookout for active new owners who can serve up a whole lot of fuss, cuddles and most importantly, love.

Sandra Lawton, Dogs Trust Glasgow Rehoming Centre Manager comments,

“It’s unusual for us to have so many pairs at the rehoming centre in one go but we are bursting at the seams with doggy doubles at the moment! These devoted duos are the very best of friends who each make an adorable team and would love the chance to win the heart of a new owner.”

“All of these pairs are winners in our eyes but we hope dog lovers will also be able to spot their star potential and rally together to help them find their perfect new homes. It can often be difficult to rehome a pair of dogs but taking on a duo can be extremely rewarding - whilst it’s double the responsibility, you’ll also find that it’s double the love.”

More about our doggy doubles;

Roxy and Sasha, crossbreeds, 10 years old, 5 years old

Sasha and Roxy are not only mother and daughter but they are also the very best of friends. They are both active girls and are at their happiest when running and playing in the garden together. This adorable duo are looking for a quiet home together with a secure garden for them to explore and a spot on the sofa where they can curl up and snooze after a busy day

Chomp and Freddo, Jack Russell Terriers, 6 and 3 years old
Mother and son duo Chomp and Freddo enjoy nothing more than running around playing fetch together. They are a fun-loving pair who adore playing games so would like a home with a secure garden where they can burn off some energy. They can live with children aged 12 and over.

Shiloh and Buster, Husky cross, 6 years old  and Springer Spaniel, 7 years old

Shiloh and Buster are a devoted duo who are looking for a new home together. They are best suited to a calm, quiet home with a garden where they can enjoy some down time. Shiloh can be shy in new situations so owners will need to give her the time and space she needs to settle in and come out of her shell.

Squeak and Caramel, Chihuahua crosses, both 3 years old
Sisters Caramel and Squeak are a playful little duo who enjoy nothing more than spending time running about together. They would like new owners to be around for most of the time to keep them company and continue their training.

Marley and Rossi, Labradors, both 6 years old

Marley and Rossi are adorable boys who are both full of beans. They love playing together, especially when they are chasing after a tennis ball so a home with a secure garden is a must. This devoted duo love human company so would like new owners to be around for most of the day to keep them company.

If you think you could give one of our doggy doubles the loving home they deserve, please get in touch with Dogs Trust Glasgow on 0300 303 0292.