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Dogs Trust seek home for big friendly giant (BFG) this Roald Dahl day

The rescue dog hoping for a storybook ending

Dogs Trust Glasgow is looking for potential owners to come forward and rehome one of Roald Dahl’s most successful storybook characters - the Big Friendly Giant!  Each year Roald Dahl fans across the world honour the works of the late children’s author and this year’s celebrations take place on the 13th September.

The BFG in question is an eight-year-old St Bernard named Jackson, who is hoping to capture the heart of an experienced dog owner who has space in their home for a big bundle of joy. Much like the character in the hit children’s book, Jackson is a looking for a special kind of companionship that will last a lifetime.

Storybook characters are a common fixture at Dogs Trust Glasgow, as many dogs have benefitted from being read to by canine carers in a bid to help them settle in their new surroundings.

Julie Allan, Assistant Training and Behaviour Advisor at Dogs Trust Glasgow said:

“In the Training and Behaviour team I assist in the development of dogs so that they are as prepared as possible to be part of a new family. 

“We have found that spending time reading to dogs at the centre can actually help them start to relax around people. Dogs respond well to this because they build a familiarity with your voice without feeling crowded as you are likely to be still and calm while reading.

“Every dog at our centre is truly unique and has their own story to tell. Not all of them have had the best start in life and therefore need a little extra care and attention so they can be ready for when their special someone comes calling.”

Jackson can be shy around new people so is looking for a new home with few visitors but is perfectly relaxed around other respectful canine friends. Jackson is fully house trained but would need an owner who is prepared to give him his own space when he needs it as he is an independent chap.

Are you willing to give Jackson is happy-ever-after? Get in touch with the team at Dogs Trust Glasgow for more information on 0303 003 0292 or visit: