Dogs Trust’s Dog School in Glasgow celebrates best year ever as first dog of 2020 graduates training

Dog Trust’s Dog School in Glasgow is celebrating a hugely successful year in 2019, after the number of dogs attending classes reached an all-time high.

Since its launch at the beginning of 2017, the Glasgow team has seen the number of dogs attending classes increase by an incredible 32%. The total number of dogs attending classes in 2019 was 952, rising from 646 dogs in 2018.

Dog Trust Dog School was launched to help owners build life-long bonds with their dogs, by developing a good understanding of dog behaviour and training techniques to avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to problem behaviours.

Dog School is just as much about supporting and guiding owners as it is about training the dog. Classes run over five weeks and each dog owner will receive training homework after the class to practise at home.

Due to demand for classes, the team are due to expand to further areas of Glasgow running 30 puppy ,adolescent and adult classes each week. This is in part thanks to funding from People’s Postcode Lottery, which has supported Dogs Trust in expanding its teams to include more coaches, to help meet demand for classes.

The first dog to graduate in 2020 is 15-month-old Beagle cross Jack Russell, Paddy, who excelled over the five weeks he attended classes. Paddy’s owners had been struggling with his energy levels as he liked to jump up and would get distracted easily by other dogs and people.

Sean, Paddy’s owner, said:

“We joined adolescent classes with Paddy and it was a really valuable experience as we got to learn all about the differences in temperament between puppies and slightly older dogs. At 15 months old, Paddy would be considered a teenager, which brings slightly different approaches to training in order to avoid distractions.

“We were made to feel very welcome by the coaches and they were really supportive in helping us understand why dogs behave in certain ways. He has come on so well and at home and we are much more prepared to pre-empt behaviours and stop them before they happen.”

Senior Coach at Dog School in Glasgow, Nathalie, said:

“Over the five weeks we have seen huge improvements from Paddy and he now keeps four paws on the ground and his full attention is on his owners! Paddy and his family are the perfect team, as they are eager to learn from each other and their dog.

“We are grateful to players of People’s Postcode Lottery, whose funding has allowed Dog School to expand and increase the number of classes in Glasgow. We would definitely recommend that anyone who has recently bought a new puppy or a dog attends training classes as early as possible, as this will help prevent any unwanted behaviour developing over time. Paddy is a great example of how consistent effort and a reward-based training approach can achieve results.”

Dog School Glasgow run classes at various locations across Glasgow. If you are interested in of our puppy, adolescent, adult or rescue dog training classes you can always find more information on or or call 07920 658653.