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Long-term rescue dog Harry Potter finds a magical home after two years in kennels

A Dogs Trust Glasgow resident that has spent almost two years in kennels has finally found their forever home. Crossbreed Potter, aged eight, became a resident at Dogs Trust in early 2017 after his owner could no longer care for him; and has built up lots of close relationships with staff in that time, being nicknamed ‘Harry’ after the boy wizard Harry Potter.

Dogs like Potter who are residents at Dogs Trust for some time and need a little extra TLC will be given a ‘special friend’. Their friend spends lots of additional time socialising, training and building up a close bond with them, so they can become ready for a new home. Potter’s special friend is Megan Reilly, Volunteer Coordinator at Dogs Trust Glasgow.

Megan said: 

“Potter arrived at the Rehoming Centre not long after I joined the charity in my role, so he has been a huge part of my time at Dogs Trust. It is definitely emotional to see him go and although I’m sad to be saying goodbye, I’m so happy my Harry Potter has found a magical new family to call his own. I remember taking him out for a walk on New Year’s Day and wishing that 2019 would be the year he gets his forever home. 

“There are many reasons why dogs end up staying at the Rehoming Centre for as long as Potter. These can include: their age, breed, size and specific rehoming needs; however, there is nothing more rewarding than giving a dog a second chance to fulfil their potential as a family pet.” 

Potter was spotted by Colin Dupre and his family on a recent visit to the Rehoming Centre. 

Colin said:

“We are really excited to be taking Potter home as he has so much energy and will make a great addition to the family. Although we hadn’t seen him on our first visit to the Rehoming Centre, it was purely by chance when we did, and he instantly won over our hearts.

“We had promised our daughter we would get a dog for the family. On our first visit, we had found another dog we wanted to adopt, however at that point our garden wasn’t as secure. I think anyone looking to adopt a rescue dog should keep an open mind about the type of dog they want and be patient; because for us, it turned out the right dog was just around the corner.”

Although the team at Dogs Trust Glasgow are thrilled to see Potter find his forever home, there are still lots of other residents at the Rehoming Centre who have been in the care of the charity for more than six months. Some dogs do have slightly more specific rehoming needs, however many of them would make suitable pets for first time dog owners and are waiting on a chance to thrive in a family home.

For more information on the long-term dogs at the Glasgow Rehoming Centre, please contact the team on 0141 465 0839.