Foster resident gets makeover thanks to a little TLC

A Dogs Trust resident who came into the care of the Glasgow Rehoming Centre with a fungal skin and ear infection, that caused him to lose much of his coat; has now fully recovered and has received his first hair cut in his new home. Archie, the West Highland Terrier was suffering from the skin condition when he first arrived at the Rehoming Centre as it had gone untreated for some time, however, began his recovery while in Dogs Trust’s Home From Home Fostering program.

Archie, who had never been in a kennel environment before, was put into foster care with a local family, who were able to give him the support and love he needed to adjust to a new home environment, while overcoming his skin condition. While in the care of his foster family, they would maintain regular vet visits set up by Dogs Trust so that Archie could get medication for his ear infection; and would also give Archie treated baths to combat his fungal skin infection.

Fungal infections are not uncommon in dogs, causing itchiness, inflammation and hair loss. However, with the right treatment, dogs can make a full recovery and thankfully in Archie’s case, he had a fantastic support network in place thanks to the Home From Home Fostering program.

On a visit to the vet at Dogs Trust, Archie was spotted in the Rehoming Centre reception area by Anne-Marie, who had been looking for a West Highland Terrier and instantly asked if she could meet him.

Annie-Marie said:

“I could tell he had some kind of skin condition; however he seemed like a happy little soul and loved meeting new people. I’ve always had a soft spot for Terriers as my last dog Millie was a West Highland Terrier but sadly she passed away last year.

“Archie’s foster family were a huge support because not only had they gotten to know his character really well but after seeing pictures of what he looked like when he arrived at Dogs Trust, it was clear they had really kick-started his recovery as his coat was already beginning to grow back.”

Thanks to information provided by Archie’s foster family, the team at Dogs Trust were able to consider Anne-Marie to be a suitable match for Archie; and it wasn’t long before he was heading off to his new permanent home.

Annie Marie continued:

“He has settled in so well and brings such a presence to my home. Like a lot of Terriers, he likes to let people know that he is there and isn’t afraid of anything; in fact despite his small size, I think he would have no problem facing Goliath.

“I’ve continued to help Archie on his road to recovery and the transformation has been amazing. He has the energy of a dog half his age and his coat has fully grown back.”

Zoe James, Home From Home Coordinator at Dogs Trust Glasgow said:

“The fostering program is a great way for people who aren’t in a position to own a dog permanently, to experience the rewards of caring for a pet and having a huge impact on their life, like little Archie’s foster carers have.

“We are always on the look out for more foster carers to join the Home From Home Fostering program. We are very fortunate to have the support of a community of passionate dog lovers, as well as funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery, which has allowed us to roll out programs like this in order to give dogs temporary homes while they wait on their special someone coming forward.”

Since 2014 Dogs Trust has received over £9.5million in funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery that has benefited hundreds of dogs. The creation of roles such as Zoe’s allows even more dogs to be helped and cared for whilst they await their new homes.

Dogs Trust’s Home from Home Foster Scheme was developed to give dog lovers, who are not in a position to adopt on a permanent basis, the opportunity to experience the rewards of dog ownership on a temporary basis and help homeless hounds experience life in a home environment. All foster families receive full support and advice regarding the dog in their care.

Fostering stays range from as little as one week up to nine months; and for certain dogs, foster carers don’t need a lot of previous canine experience. Dogs Trust are also on the lookout for people who do have a little bit more experience too in order to help care for expectant, or new mums and their pups as well providing extra TLC to dogs with medical needs or who are recovering from surgery.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from Dogs Trust Glasgow or becoming a foster carer on their Home From Home Fostering program, please get in touch with the team on 0300 303 0292.