Dogs Trust Glasgow in need of willing owners looking for double the love

Some of the best personalities shine through when they come in pairs, whether it is Jack and Victor, Rab C and Mary Doll, or the Krankies; and the same can be said of dogs too. Right now Dogs Trust’s Rehoming Centre in Glasgow has a canine double act that is looking to find a home and bring double the joy to their new owners.

These extremely loveable pooches were brought to Dogs Trust after a change in their previous owner’s circumstances meant they could no longer look after them both. Although their previous owner had to give them up for adoption, they very much wanted both dogs to stay together in their next home as they are the best of friends.

Both are crossbreeds, aged six, but they look very different. Ricky is much taller and tanned, whereas Sunny is much smaller and her coat is brindle in colour. They have the best fun together when out playing and their canine carers are desperately looking for an owner who will give them both another chance at life as part of a family.

They could live with children over the age of 14 as well as other dogs and would prefer a home with someone who will be around most of the day to keep them company. Potential owners would benefit from having previous dog experience.

Sandra Lawton, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Glasgow, said:

“Having two dogs in your life comes with a lot of advantages. They give each other a bit more company during those times when they have to be left on their own; and they also more likely to adapt more quickly when introduced to new situations.

“We really hope our adorable pair will find a new home together as they rely on each other, have such a deep bond; and would cope so much better adjusting to life as part of a new family if they each had their best friend by their side. Their unique personalities work so well as a duo, and we believe that type of companionship should be cherished as much as possible because, everyone needs a friend.”

If you believe a dog is for life, and in this case, two dogs, please get in touch with the team at Dogs Trust Glasgow on 0141 465 0839.