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Best friend canine duo in search of new home in time for International Friendship Day

A pair of rescue dog best friends at Dogs Trust Glasgow are on the lookout for a family who will give them twice the love by rehoming them together, in time for International Friendship Day [30th July]. Border Collies, Gem and Nell aren’t just best friends who do everything together; they are also mother and daughter too.

Mum Gem, aged 13, dotes on her daughter Nell and the two of them do everything together. They share the same bed and Gem will clean Nell’s face when they settled down for the evening. Nell, aged 10, is a sweet girl who can be shy at first but draws confidence from Gem.

Both dogs are currently spending time in a foster home on Dogs Trust’s Home From Home programme. Gem and Nel have really benefitted from spending time with a family and Nell’s confidence has really grown; she is great around other dogs and new people too.

Sandra Lawton, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Glasgow, said:

“This adorable pair are a little bit older but don’t let that fool you, they still have their wits about them. We would love to find them a new home together so they can continue to be part of each other’s life as they reach retirement age.

“We’d love to hear from potential dog owners who agree that a dog is for life, or in this case two dogs. Ideally, they would have previous experience with the Collie breed and can provide Gem and Nell with a fun home where they will get lots of mental and physical stimulation.”

Having two dogs in your life comes with a lot of advantages. They give each other a bit more company during those times when they have to be left on their own; and they also more likely to adapt more quickly when introduced to new situations.

Sandra continued:

“We really hope they will find a new home together as they rely on each other, have such a deep bond; and would cope so much better adjusting to life as part of a new family if they each had their best friend by their side. Their unique personalities work so well as a duo, and we believe that type of companionship should be cherished as much as possible because, everyone needs a friend.” 

For more information or to enquire about adopting a rescue dog, please call 0141 465 0839.